Photos and text by Larry Monserate Piojo
Rain and flash floods are every commuter's nightmare whenever there is a thunderstorm in the metro, especially during rush hours. Commuters try to get to the office and back home on time and dry, but often end up late and wet.

After a long day at work, commuters have a major obstacle course to overcome before they can get home and spend time with their families or just simply rest. This difficulty can sometimes take an hour or two, but can stretch longer if there are thunderstorms just as the working day ends.
On a rainy and flooded night, there's a mad rush for train tickets. Others would sacrifice faster travel time and take a bus if only to get more breathing space (if he or she is lucky). Some struggle to get cabs as taxi drivers become choosy. Only those with smartphones and higher incomes are able to hail expensive app-based taxi services.

Some stand for hours waiting and as the rainy night deepens, energies are sapped and every face of those still on the street is slowly painted with frustration. But after realizing this won't get them any farther from where they stand, the grievance subsides. 

Some end up walking home. It is not the best option, but desperate commuters no longer mind the distance and hunger as long as they get home.

When will this unnecessary ordeal end?

Published by ABS-CBN News

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